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Recent Publications

Publications can also be viewed by visiting the  Google Scholar Link. 

Below is a recent sampling of our discoveries of the role of a novel regulator of the neuronal cytoskeleton.

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Blommers, M., Stanton-Turcotte, D., Witt, E.A., Heidari, M., and Iulianella, A. Cerebellar granule cell migration and folia development requires Mllt11/Af1q/Tcf7c. Developmental Neurobiology, 2024, 84(2): 74-92.

Zinck, N., Stanton-Turcotte, D., Witt, E.A., Blommers, M., and Iulianella, A. Innervation of cranial muscles requires Mllt11/Af1q/Tcf7c function during trigeminal ganglion development. bioRxiv 2024.02.16.580667; 


Blommers, M., Stanton-Turcotte, D., Witt, E.A., Heidari, M., and Iulianella, A. Cerebellar granule cell migration and folia development requires Mllt11/Af1q/Tcf7c. bioRxiv 2023.09.12.557458; 

Blommers, M., Stanton-Turcotte, D., and Iulianella, A. Retinal neuroblast migration and laminar organization require cytoskeletal-interacting protein Mllt11. Developmental Dynamics. 252(2): 305-319. Highlighted by the journal.


Stanton-Turcotte, D., Hsu, K., Moore, S.A., Yamada, M., and Iulianella, A. Mllt11 regulates the migration and neurite outgrowth of cortical projection neurons during development. Journal of Neuroscience. 42 (19): 3931-3948. Cover May 2022. Featured in the Journal of Neuroscience, 42 (19) 3878.

MacDonald, K., and Iulianella, A. The actin-cytoskeleton associating protein BASP1 regulates neural progenitor localization in the neural tube. Genesis. 60(1-2) e23464.



Tao, H., Lambert, J-P, Yung, T.M., Zhu, M., Hahn, N.A., Li, D., Lau, K., Sturgeon, K., Puviindran,V., Zhang, X.,  Gong, W., Chen, X. X., Anderson, G., Garry, D.J.,  Henkelman, R.M.,  Sun, Y., Iulianella, A., Kawakami, Y., Gingras, A-C,  Hui,C-C.,  and Hopyan, S. IRX3 and IRX5 regulate sister chromatid segregation and limb bud shape. Development. 147 (19): dev180042.  .


Iulianella, A. and Stanton-Turcotte, D. The Hedgehog receptor Patched1 regulates the proliferation, neurogenesis, and axon guidance in the embryonic spinal cord. Mechanisms of Development. 160: 103557.

Iulianella, A., Wingate, R.J., Moens, C.B., and Capaldo, E. The generation of granule cells during the development and evolution of the cerebellum. Developmental Dynamics. 248(7): 506-513.


Iulianella, A., Sakai, D., Kurosaka, H., Trainor, P.A. Ventral neural patterning in the absence of a Shh activity gradient from the floorplate. Developmental Dynamics. 247 (1): 170-184. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.24590. Cover article (Feb 2018).


Iulianella, A. Cutting Thick Sections using a Vibratome. Cold Spring Harb Protoc.; 2017 (6): pdb.prot094011. doi: 10.1101/pdb.prot094011.



Pal, R., Ramdzan, Z.M., Duquette, P., Marcotte, R., Leduy, L., Davoudi, S., Lamarche, N., Iulianella. A., and Nepveu, A. CUX2 functions as an accessory factor in the repair of oxidative DNA damage. J. Biol. Chem. 290 (37): 22520-22531.

Kurosaka, H., Trainor. P.A., Leroux-Berger, M., and Iulianella, A. Cranial nerve formation requires Shh signaling cross-talk with the canonical Wnt pathway to maintain neural crest-placode cell interactionsPLoS One. 10(3):e0120821.

Yamada, M., Clark, J., McClelland, C., Capaldo, E., Ray, A., and Iulianella, A. Cux2 defines a sub-population of neurogenic progenitors in the hippocampus. Hippocampus. 25: 253-268. Cover article.


Yamada, M., Clark, J., and Iulianella, A. MLLT11/AF1q is differentially expressed in maturing neurons during development. Gene Expression Patterns. 15: 80-87.

Wittmann, W., Iulianella, A., and Gunhaga, L. Cux2 acts as a critical regulator for neurogenesis in the olfactory epithelium of vertebrates. Developmental Biology. 388: 35-47.

Kurosaka, H., Iulianella, A., Williams, T., and Trainor, P.A. Disrupting hedgehog and WNT signaling promotes cleft lip pathogenesis. Journal of Clinical Investigation.124: 1660-1671. Cover article.

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