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Symposium season has begun

Updated: Apr 18

I attended the American Association for Anatomy (AAA) symposium in Toronto (AnatomyConnected24), where I presented our latest work on the development of brain cytoarchitecture. It was an excellent meeting that covered a wide range of topics, as is typical for AAA meetings. It was also a time to catch up with old colleagues and establish new connections.

On April 8th, while the eclipse casts it shadow, as part of the Brain Repair Centre outreach activities, we will convene a day long symposium in Halifax focused on neurodevelopmental mechanisms of psychiatric diseases. We will have Dr. Karun Singh from the University of Toronto as our keynote lecturer. The BRC website has a link to the event:

Then on June 19th, we will convene our annual regional Developmental Biology Symposium at Mount Saint Vincent University, in Halifax, Canada. We will welcome Dr. Heather Szabo-Rogers from the University of Saskatchewan to give our keynote lecture. A link to the event is posted on the BRC site:

As always, I look forward to seeing colleagues and listening to talks on the latest work from our trainees.

The view of Toronto from the AnatomyConnected24 conference site:



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