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Iulianella Lab
Neural Development and Disorders

About Us

We are working to uncover the mechanisms that regulate the formation, organization, and maintenance of neuronal morphology and connections

Many neurological disorders arise as a consequence of abnormal development of the brain. However, our understanding of the causes of neurodevelopment disorders remains rudimentary. The focus of our research is to uncover the mechanisms that regulate the formation and organization of projection circuits in the brain and spinal cord. In so doing we hope to identify processes that are affected in neurological disorders, including those that affect mobility and cognition, and develop ways to diagnose and treat these illnesses.

The Iulianella Laboratory is in the Department of Medical Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. We are located in the Life Science Research Institute on 1348 Summer Street in Halifax, and have access to state of the art imaging, FACS, stem cell, transgenic and proteomic technologies. We form part of the multidisciplinary Brain Repair Centre and Atlantic Mobility Action Project, which seeks to understand the neural circuitry of movement and how neural progenitors may be used to treat injury and disease.


Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia, with a population of almost 400,000 people, and the educational, cultural and economic hub of Atlantic Canada. Halifax boasts a youthful spirit, rich history and scenic waterfront. Halifax’s urban charm is complemented by its natural beauty. Discover rugged shorelines, colourful gardens, hiking trails and scenic parks. The ocean is part of our life here. Our campus is just 300 metres from the Atlantic, so sailing and water sports are enjoyed through spring, summer and fall, with surfing being popular year-round.

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